What is the most important quality of a school?

The purpose of a school is to educate. While elaborate sports programs or technological training are certainly important to help a school in achieving this goal, by themselves they are insufficient. At a much higher level, education is the process of perfecting incomplete human beings, of forming children into good adults.

The formation must take place on four levels if it is to achieve this goal. These levels include the following, listed from the least important to the greatest: physical education, intellectual education, social education and religious education. It is only by being perfected in all of these areas that a human being can be called "well-formed", otherwise, something is lacking. If a person does not know how to practice virtue in society - and the first virtue is a proper orientation towards one's Creator - then no matter the degree of that individual's physical or intellectual prowess, the student has not yet achieved the perfection a human being ought to achieve, and they cannot be called a good or well-formed adult without qualification.

This is the principle upon which schools of the Society of St. Pius X operate. We seek to form children into those who must run the world of tomorrow, and we do this by attempting to give a good formation on each of those four levels, which necessarily entails keeping them all in their proper perspective. Hence it is that the training of the children in their Catholic faith has pride of place, and will to a certain degree, permeate the entirety of their educational experience. All human beings exist because God created them to share in His own happiness, and regardless of their development in other areas, they will never be complete human beings unless they have a proper relationship with their Creator.

This, then, is the most important quality of a school; its ability to form a child into a complete and perfect human being by giving a well-balanced formation at all levels, with God encompassing the whole and each and every part. Queen of the Holy Rosary Academy endeavors to do this.